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Are there any Wikipedians in theSkyNet community?

I'm struggling with some theSkyNet related Wikipedia edits, and I suspect it's because I'm a newbie that I'm having problems not getting things deleted/reversed. Would appreciate some help!

15 Sep 2014, 7:06:39 UTC · Comment

Error 184
Hey Everyone

We fairly certain that we've tracked down and fixed the issue that was causing the 184 error on new windows and boinc clients when trying to connect to the pogs server. If anyone is still getting the error please let me know.

2 Sep 2014, 8:09:09 UTC · Comment

Pause in Galaxies
We'll have a pause of a day or so as we're having some problems with the production pipeline.

Please bear with us.
6 Aug 2014, 8:20:45 UTC · Comment

Pause in Galaxies
They'll be a pause in the galaxy flow for a few days so I can build the latest BOINC server, apply the latest security patches, etc. 16 Jul 2014, 7:27:52 UTC · Comment

More galaxis
We've just released another 2,000+ galaxies 21 Jun 2014, 1:02:48 UTC · Comment

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