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Pause in Galaxies
We'll have a pause of a day or so as we're having some problems with the production pipeline.

Please bear with us.
6 Aug 2014, 8:20:45 UTC · Comment

Pause in Galaxies
They'll be a pause in the galaxy flow for a few days so I can build the latest BOINC server, apply the latest security patches, etc. 16 Jul 2014, 7:27:52 UTC · Comment

More galaxis
We've just released another 2,000+ galaxies 21 Jun 2014, 1:02:48 UTC · Comment

New Galaxies
I'll be loading new galaxies tomorrow - we'll run out during today 20 Jun 2014, 4:04:36 UTC · Comment

Brief pause
We're going to let the current galaxies run out - then do an upgrade of the BOINC software next week.

So once the queue is empty no more work units for a week.
9 Jun 2014, 2:47:01 UTC · Comment

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