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Hello..Im Andre from Ohio.Love helping mankind,an hay, it could be my computer....Groovy.


You helped name an exoplanet!
Hi Everyone,

Some great news announced yesterday by the International Astronomical Union - theSkyNet's name suggestion was selected for an exoplanet!

The planet around the star Pollux is now named Thestias thanks to djrichmatthews' suggestion. All the final names and the statistics can be seen on the official IAU webpage

You might notice that Thestias is suspiciously NOT the name we submitted (which was Leda). This is because Leda is the name of both a moon around Jupiter and an asteroid in the Solar System, so the IAU asked if we'd mind suggesting something else that's related to Pollux and Leda from Greek Mythology. Thestias is Pollux's grandfather (Leda's Dad) so it's a fitting change.

We're SO EXCITED with this result, congratulations to everyone who suggested, voted and was involved, it was a true team effort and we're so pleased that your name was chosen.

-Kirsten and theSkyNet team
17 Dec 2015, 4:18:23 UTC · Comment

Area 25,000,000
Yesterday we processed the 25 millionth area of POGS.

The two lucky crunchers will be getting Lego and T-shirts
8 Dec 2015, 1:14:10 UTC · Comment

Server Crash and New Galaxies
Gday All,

As lots of you noticed, we had a fairly major crash over the weekend. The AWS hardware that the POGS server sits on had a complete failure and a we had to kill and rebuild the whole server.

Fortunately with the magic of AWS and a fairly conservative backup scheme this only caused moderate cursing from theSkyNet team.

This also coincided with a whole swathe of new galaxies for you to crunch. With these new galaxies we're also looking at radial flux, which I'm told adds another dimension to the data we're gathering :)

Also anyone that was still using the old master URL:
Will need to switch over the new and shiny master url:

As always thanks so much to everyone for stick through with us during the down times, we truly value all our amazing volunteers.

28 Aug 2015, 1:21:13 UTC · Comment

New area types and galaxies
50 new galaxies are going out for processing today containing two new types of areas: integrated flux areas and radial areas.
More galaxies with these new area types will be on the way soon!
21 Aug 2015, 3:05:31 UTC · Comment

Run out of Galaxies
We've run out of galaxies to process at the moment. More are on the way. 21 Jul 2015, 0:06:17 UTC · Comment

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