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More Galaxies are on the way
More galaxies are on the way 9 May 2016, 0:47:51 UTC · Comment

Comparing galaxy morphology at high and low redshift
Hopefully everyone has been enjoying the latest set of galaxies. These objects are galaxy mergers identified by citizen scientist volunteers at galaxyzoo. We are going to be using them as part of an experiment contrasting different indicators of galaxy morphology at high and low redshift, so early and late epochs in the universe, respectively. A control sample of non-mergers is also being run at lower priority. In particular, working with my colleagues at JHU, we are measuring what is called non-parametric morphological indicators -- things like concentration, asymmetry, Gini coefficient, and many more -- both on the observed telescope images and on the physical parameter maps your CPUs are generating. This is normally done only on the observed images, and by working with derived physical quantities we hope to eliminate potential bias. Also, such measurements (for a complete set of non-parametric indicators) have never yet been compiled for the low redshift universe, though done frequently at high z. By working with the galaxies you are now processing we will establish a 'baseline' for galaxy morphology in the present day universe. Thanks! 29 Feb 2016, 15:09:33 UTC · Comment

More galaxies
I've just load 1200 new galaxies when are experiments on GalaxyZoo mergers 22 Feb 2016, 3:10:49 UTC · Comment

Out of galaxies
We've run out of galaxies for a bit - more coming soon 15 Feb 2016, 4:52:11 UTC · Comment

You helped name an exoplanet!
Hi Everyone,

Some great news announced yesterday by the International Astronomical Union - theSkyNet's name suggestion was selected for an exoplanet!

The planet around the star Pollux is now named Thestias thanks to djrichmatthews' suggestion. All the final names and the statistics can be seen on the official IAU webpage

You might notice that Thestias is suspiciously NOT the name we submitted (which was Leda). This is because Leda is the name of both a moon around Jupiter and an asteroid in the Solar System, so the IAU asked if we'd mind suggesting something else that's related to Pollux and Leda from Greek Mythology. Thestias is Pollux's grandfather (Leda's Dad) so it's a fitting change.

We're SO EXCITED with this result, congratulations to everyone who suggested, voted and was involved, it was a true team effort and we're so pleased that your name was chosen.

-Kirsten and theSkyNet team
17 Dec 2015, 4:18:23 UTC · Comment

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