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User profile Profile [AF>France] Super Dupont
My ID on this communauty is Super Dupont but in the reality my name is Marc I m living in Pontoise (France). I have many hobbies like sports...


size classes
We've found a problem with the BOINC size class code. I currently have 2,500,000 inactive WUs and only 20 unsent

I'm working with the BOINC developers to fix the problem. In the mean time I'm turning off the size class code
21 May 2015, 1:33:13 UTC · Comment

Things we're changed/working on

  • We've implemented the size class so that slower machines (my old XP machine, Androids, etc) get small number of pixels.
  • We're still trying to get the plan class right for Android

29 Apr 2015, 9:49:45 UTC · Comment

Android Users
A lot of the Android clients aren't downloading the new version of the code - they are still running the older 3.41 version.

If you have one please could you trigger an update of the code
28 Apr 2015, 2:08:29 UTC · Comment

Android users
I'm seeing quite a lot of errors from Android users. It looks like the client hasn't downloaded the PIE version. I'm investigating 27 Apr 2015, 3:54:25 UTC · Comment

New Galaxies
We have 132 new galaxies to test things out 27 Apr 2015, 3:50:20 UTC · Comment

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