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Message 1304 - Posted: 17 Jul 2013, 8:13:29 UTC
Last modified: 18 Jul 2013, 4:38:00 UTC

You'll notice a few changes, but a lot of the changes are behind the screens for this release:

  • Running in a new domain - pogs.theskynet.org.
  • Images - these are now hosted on the full theSkyNet website and we've switch to Ruby on Rails for that
  • Android client native
  • Re-architectured system. I've got the assimilation down from 20-30seconds per work unit to 0.5 seconds. The database is now a more 'cost effective' 50GB from the 1TB it was.

In theory you shouldn't need to reconnect, but it is probably a good idea if you do. As you'll get a message like this everytime you connect:
You used the wrong URL for this project. When convenient, remove this project, then add http://pogs.theskynet.org/pogs/

Some people had to use the 'Reset Project' button in the boinc manager to make the link work properly.
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Message boards : News : We're back

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