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Message 1710 - Posted: 31 Oct 2013, 9:05:49 UTC

Check out the halloween theme on theSkyNet.
International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research

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Message 1711 - Posted: 1 Nov 2013, 1:53:48 UTC

Spooky :)

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Message 1746 - Posted: 9 Nov 2013, 18:48:12 UTC - in response to Message 1711.

I went to a Halloween party dressed the way I normally do and received the usual "Nice troll costume!" compliments, same as every Halloween. One of the other guests had an odd costume I had never seen before. She was dressed in an odd T-shirt and very strange slacks I think she made herself but I'm not sure. She had a bag full of hard boiled eggs and was passing them out to other guests. I said to her, "The Easter Bunny passes eggs around but this isn't Easter and you're not dressed like a rabbit so I'm a little confused." She replied, "Silly, I'm an egg donor not an Easter Bunny".

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Message 1768 - Posted: 12 Nov 2013, 4:29:19 UTC - in response to Message 1746.

My zodiac is pumpkin so I don't have to dress anyhow different from everyday :-)

Message boards : News : Happy Halloween

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