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Message boards : News : Herschel's Birthday challenge update

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Message 1816 - Posted: 19 Nov 2013, 6:04:06 UTC

Wow! Thanks to all those that are participating in the Herschel's Birthday challenge. We've reached almost 47 TFLOPS of processing power on theSkyNet POGS and over 51 TFLOPS on theSkyNet as a whole. Thank you so much for your help.

Over 700 galaxies have been processed during the challenge so far and we've got thousands more waiting, so we hope you keep at it - only two days left! Don't forget to check out theskynet.org in a few days for your special challenge trophy, we've got a gold version for the winning team, silver for the runner up and bronze for everyone else.

Our website developer is designing a new ‘Mini Challenges’ section for theskynet.org and would love your feedback on the forums.

Thanks again for joining us on theSkyNet POGS, your contribution is very much appreciated.
theSkyNet.org webMaster

Message boards : News : Herschel's Birthday challenge update

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