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1) Message boards : News : Custom Clients (Message 2204)
Posted 2 May 2014 by Grandpa
It has now been 19 days since I last posted and there are still some running the custom client with their head stuck up in the clouds. Not having time to stop your machines is no longer a valid excuse. They are returning bad work much of which does have the possibility of not being caught.

If 2 machines running the custom client run the same WU it will be verified as good. When in reality if that same wu is checked against a rig running the stock client it will be marked as invalid.

Some of you are not going to be very happy when I start posting your names and your team names here along with screen shots of you stats. It is quite clear there are some who could not give a rats behind about the project and are only running for some reason other than the project goals. Unfortunately for those of you that have chosen this path there is plenty of evidence to show who you are and what your intentions are.
2) Message boards : News : Custom Clients (Message 2183)
Posted 11 Apr 2014 by Grandpa
Most of the people in the top 10 are active on the different forums and are well aware of the problem. I do know about not being able to get to your computers I myself was not able to get to mine for about 14 hrs. after I saw the post asking not to run custom clients. And I still have about 10,000 waiting for validation that were completed before I got them stopped It has now been several days since we were asked to stop.

I checked the stats of of the top 10 producers those that do not have their computers hidden including mine and some of them have been downloading work today and returning those same WU's today in the amount of time only the custom clients can achieve.

The returns I am looking at are not work that was done several days ago it is work that was done today. Many of those people if not all know who they are and what they are doing. And if the have no way of fixing that it is understandable, But the ones that can do something about it and have chose not to, then Shame be to them, they only have 1 thing in mind and it is not the project. If I have to loose all of my points due to there choice then so be it, it has to be stopped, they could be causing all work currently being turned in to be invalid.

I blame myself for this mess and I would hope others would please stop making my mess worse than it already is. I do not see anything wrong with NickOfTime wanting to improve the client that should have been done long ago and he went about it right. I also see a couple of others have made there own custom client and are currently running it thus making the same mistake I did. My choice of running it on all of the rigs I did was not very well thought out by myself and frankly was dumb on my part.

I just want to ask all that are currently running a custom client to stop, please do not make the same mistake I did and possibly destroy several days of work for the project. just 1 person running a custom client can invalidate that days work from that give day from everybody on that day.
3) Message boards : News : Custom Clients (Message 2178)
Posted 11 Apr 2014 by Grandpa
I have found 2 instances where results using the modified client were confirmed as valid and results using the original client were confirmed a not valid. That is not good 1 is too many that tells me something is wrong either with the custom client or the original. I checked the stats today and the majority of the top 10 producers are still running a custom client it is pretty easy to tell they still have work in progress and their completion time is very fast compared to the stock client.

Those that are still running a custom client need to stop running it. There is a very real chance you are doing damage to the project there is now evidence that I have found that points in that direction it is possible that bad results are being marked as good and good results are being marked as bad.

Yes I ran the custom client but I did not do it out of greed I did not think it all the way through and only looked at the error rate and thought I was speeding up the process, I did not even consider I might be messing up the science and that was my fault. Those that are continuing to run custom client days after we were asked to stop are only doing it out of greed. I personally believe there computers should be black listed and points be zeroed out. If mine get zeroed out that is fine also, I should have thought it through better.

I say shame on those of you that are still running custom clients after being asked to stop by the project my guess would be most if not all of you are aware of the potential problem and could care less.
4) Message boards : News : Custom Clients (Message 2154)
Posted 10 Apr 2014 by Grandpa
OK all of the machines have been set to No New Work until I get a chance to redo them, hopefully this weekend I will have time, sorry if I caused any inconvenience
5) Message boards : News : Custom Clients (Message 2147)
Posted 9 Apr 2014 by Grandpa
Please don't use the custom clients - they don't always get the right answer.

I hope to build a release optimised clients after easter and we'll start testing the GPU version soon.

Hi Kevin

I am currently using the custom client which I will not be able to shut down until I get home this evening, But the latest version has a very low error rate <1% which is lower than the stock client on my machines, are you sure it is the client causing the errors or is it OCed hardware causing the unusable results. My guess is it is a hardware problem rather than a client problem.

You may be noticing it more because of the shear volume of work being processed now, All of my Intel 4P and AMD 4P rigs are OCed and do have the potential to throw errors as are many other donor computers. If the skewed results are results coming from Hardware issues which I would tend to believe then stopping the modified client is not going to help anything especially since I am currently having a lower error rate with the modified client than I do with the stock client just a much larger volume of work is being done per machine I am running a little over 400 cores that have gone from 1 WU every 2 1/2 hrs to to 3 WU per hr. so a x7 increase in work produced in a day close to 30,000 WU's a day vs 4000 WU's a day so a person would be seeing close to a x7 increase in errors just from the volume of work.

I did not write it, I do know it was done with the knowledge of SkyNet and by the way the version I am using on the G34's it is using sse2 I am not sure what the Intel is using.

Hopefully you will respond before I get home from work this evening.


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