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1) Message boards : News : Sourcefinder - Real data coming soon! (Message 5254)
Posted 7 Sep 2017 by Profile Coleslaw
GUYS What if the code can be emulated on a CUDA compiler Would not that be great. Form what I understood is that java is the main horse.
It would be nice to boost the compute. (from all may projects seems that pogs sometimes runs the slowest) Woulds you agree that it is time to transcend the code on CUDA. Or OPENCL emulators. THANK YOU. GEEK`S PLEASE REPLY

Perhaps you should take this discussion to the SourceFinder forum/project instead of POGS.
2) Message boards : Number crunching : App for arm-unknown-linux-gnueabihf ? (Message 4986)
Posted 13 Oct 2016 by Profile Coleslaw
The project admins have asked user to NOT use custom clients. AKA no compiling it yourself. This was a big issue a couple years ago and they still haven't released an official optimized app. So, either try the information posted above or wait for an admin response.
3) Message boards : Number crunching : BAD COMPUTER, BAD ! (Message 4907)
Posted 23 May 2016 by Profile Coleslaw
No longer using the HTC app. I have used the official BOINC app for Android before with similar results.
The BOINC app is more configurable from what I remember but my understanding is the framework is nearly identical for both/all.
In the end, the decision to not use the phone for computing comes down to preference.
I suppose I have rationalized that the project benefits from my other devices much and more than my phone could ever provide.
Also, part of my decision for abandoning the phone is the cost for performance factor.
Should it decide that it wants to crap out and thus force me to replace it... and a new phone price tag hovering around the $700USD mark.
I can slap together another 6700k box w/Micro$oft licence for that kinda cash.
~30k credits worth of work for POGS daily.
~3100Wh daily. (box from wall)
~$700 USD upfront.
Owning a Classic* flip phone!

I better stop before I talk myself into it.

Happy Computing!
*Classy too!

Your 6700k looks to be capable of doing ~ 34,472/day. You quad core ARM device that had HTC should have been on par for ~ 3,838/day. Now, you may be saying to yourself that you can get 10 times the work for your investment. However, you should really re-assess things.

Spending $700 on a phone and comparing its usage as a dedicated cruncher is really a bad assessment. You can get quad core phones as low as $20. Just watch the weekly fliers. So, for $700 you should be able to obtain ~35 of these ARM devices. That would = ~ 134,330/day. Now, lets look at operation cost. You claim your 6700k uses 3100Wh/day. It is rated with a 91W TDP. My ARM devices typically pull maybe 3.5 watts from the wall. So, that is 84 watts/day. If that were exact science (which it is far from) we would only need ~9 of these phones for the up front investment of ~$180 to match your 6700k's production. That would mean daily operation cost of ~754 watts vs. your PC's 3100 watts. Depending on your electric rates, that could easily pay for itself in cellphone/tablet replacements through the years. And if one dies, your production is hit less than the pc going down. Don't forget that each one also has its own battery backup too.
4) Message boards : Number crunching : BAD COMPUTER, BAD ! (Message 4898)
Posted 14 May 2016 by Profile Coleslaw
Sound like you have quite the undertaking approaching.
I also tried something again after my first post. Setting up an android phone. Once again I have decided that in their current state these type of devices are useful only for entertainment purposes. All the stops and starts along with how the Android OS handles them are counterproductive. I ended up with more failed tasks than valid. I also had to leave some tasks to time out as there is no way to stop using the HTC app without doing so.
Another sloooowwww system I am letting crunch is a Raspberry Pi 2. It is still reliably productive with nearly zero interaction. When it has tasks, it will pull down a steady ~1K RAC. Not bad for a device eating less than 4W.

Happy Computing!

Are you still using the HTC app? Why not official BOINC or nativeBOINC?
5) Message boards : Number crunching : Oh Come On Pog (Message 4864)
Posted 1 Apr 2016 by Profile Coleslaw
Multiple issues here and it isn't really POGS' fault.

First, since you just added the project to a client that had already been running projects, there is a resource share debt to make up for. Sooooo, your client is allocating the available threads to POGS to make up that time.

Second, your client had not "learned" how long POGS work takes so it is mis-calculating how much time it needs to complete and thus downloaded a lot more work than you needed. Probably easily fixed by reducing your cache to 0 extra work.

Third, your GPU's are not being fed because of once guessed it... BOINC's design. Since your client downloaded waaaaay too much work. The work units are now going into "panic mode" as the client has learned that it may not complete the work on time and it is scrambling for every bit of CPU resources it can to correct its poor behavior. By design it will pause all GPU work first. Try aborting a lot of the work that won't complete AFTER reducing your cache. (we don't want to download more again and recreate the problem until BOINC has had time to adjust).

So, by letting the admins "know" you are basically telling them to fix a problem Your system has created.
6) Message boards : News : You helped name an exoplanet! (Message 4741)
Posted 17 Dec 2015 by Profile Coleslaw
From an email sent out there was also this announced right after this news -

theSkyNet SourceFinder 2.0 (beta)
Coming soon to a BOINC manager near you!

Ryan (our intern) and Alex have been working really hard to bring SourceFinder up and running on BOINC. We expect we will be announcing its beta availability in the new year! We have all the data ready to go, and most of the BOINC infrastructure is coded and online, we're just finishing up the final touches with an assimilator (that puts the results you guys will send back to us into a database) and a few other checks and quality controls through the system.

Thank you so much for your patience with this one, Ryan was only with us for one day a week, and has now officially graduated and taken a job in industry so he won't be around much at all anymore! Congratulations from all of us at theSkyNet Ryan, and good luck in your new job.

However, I am unable to find any post on neither POGS nor the main site on it.
7) Message boards : Number crunching : Exit code 195 (0xc3) (Message 4734)
Posted 11 Dec 2015 by Profile Coleslaw
I should have said, these errors I'm seeing are from this PC, running Windows XP. PC's that have returned work have all been 64bit. Perhaps the 32bit OS's are the issue?
8) Message boards : Number crunching : Exit code 195 (0xc3) (Message 4732)
Posted 11 Dec 2015 by Profile Coleslaw
I'm getting this error on all of my Android work units. PC work units were doing just fine. Perhaps a problem with ARM work?
9) Message boards : Number crunching : Optimised app + GPU app (Message 4722)
Posted 2 Dec 2015 by Profile Coleslaw
Custom clients were posted online that many participated with. However, Kevin noticed that some of the custom clients (there were others that brought some to the table) weren't produce correct information. So, you have this request:

Please don't use the custom clients - they don't always get the right answer.

I hope to build a release optimised clients after easter and we'll start testing the GPU version soon.
International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research

That was in April of 2014
10) Message boards : Number crunching : Optimised app + GPU app (Message 4717)
Posted 28 Nov 2015 by Profile Coleslaw
Perhaps you should take some time and read older posts on this subject...

Kevin, one of the admins:

One of the community did kindly develop a GPU version for me.

And not only the GPU app but also the CPU optimized apps... It did create a stir and also resulted in the project asking that nobody use them until the project developed their own. Which brings us full circle here several months later.
11) Message boards : Number crunching : Optimised app + GPU app (Message 4713)
Posted 28 Nov 2015 by Profile Coleslaw
I know work isn't as abundant as many would like, but having a more efficient app or GPU app would mean our resources could be used elsewhere when POGS has no work.

This project has open source code so, if you are a developer, you can help the admins....

Perhaps you should take some time and read older posts on this subject... I'm sure you will find that help has been provided. And by a member of my team. And it has been over a year with little progress since. Thus why I continue to bring it up.
12) Message boards : Number crunching : Optimised app + GPU app (Message 4689)
Posted 5 Nov 2015 by Profile Coleslaw
Did anyone ever decide on whether they could use donations from BitcoinUtopia? After all, if funding is needed, there are plenty that would put their resources towards getting it for you. This link is on their homepage now for creating a campaign.
13) Message boards : Number crunching : Optimised app + GPU app (Message 4684)
Posted 1 Nov 2015 by Profile Coleslaw
So, it has now been a year and a half since it was requested that users not use custom clients. What kind of status do we have on the progress? Kevin said in Sept. of 2014 that he had someone continuing the GPU client that donors had helped work on and supply. I know work isn't as abundant as many would like, but having a more efficient app or GPU app would mean our resources could be used elsewhere when POGS has no work.

Also, can we get a status report on the progress of getting Source Finder going?
14) Questions and Answers : Windows : app_config for pogs (Message 4676)
Posted 20 Oct 2015 by Profile Coleslaw
Processing more work units than you have threads will only waste resources due to overhead. When it comes to CPU work you just want the 1 per thread. Now if it were GPU work units (which POGS does not have) this may be a different story. However, if there is still some off the wall reason you have for running more than one work unit per CPU, you can always use the cc_config.xml flag intended for testing that tells the client to pretend you have a different number of CPU's.

That flag is


You just change N for the number of CPU's you want BOINC to think you have. Again, this is unwise unless you have some reason for testing apps. You will not find better efficiency or better output running POGS work units doing this on a CPU.
15) Message boards : Number crunching : Pogsbeta site problems (Message 4629)
Posted 21 Sep 2015 by Profile Coleslaw
Or instead of talking about the BETA server here, talk about it over on forums in a BETA section. Last I was told SourceFinder was going to have a completely separate project server, so it would only make sense to keep it all separate. (not that I encourage that at all being I think it should just be a single site with sub projects...)

On another note, couldn't you just fix the account creation issue over and over by just turning on the BOINC-wide teams/accounts? That way each time you have to wipe everything, they will automatically re-create those accounts? I'm not sure what problems this would bring, but it would be interesting to see thoughts on the matter.
16) Message boards : News : Help name exoplanets! (Message 4261)
Posted 9 Jun 2015 by Profile Coleslaw
55 Cancri 5 the Crab Faint to the naked eye 6.0

My suggestion is Rangoon. Reason: Because even scientists can have a sense of humor.

Or we could always just go with Coleslaw, because everyone knows that Crab needs a good side dish...
17) Message boards : Number crunching : Not uploading (Message 3792)
Posted 17 Feb 2015 by Profile Coleslaw
Can you post some lines from the event log to give us an idea what BOINC just happens to be saying about this?
18) Message boards : News : theSkyNet POGS project Update (Message 3703)
Posted 18 Jan 2015 by Profile Coleslaw
Any update on the SourceFinder app? If so, would this fill that demand for work units? Might be something to consider. SourceFinder on CPU, and POGS on the GPU...
19) Message boards : Number crunching : Slowing down? (Message 3693)
Posted 13 Jan 2015 by Profile Coleslaw
The BOINC manager will try to give time equally to each project that you are connected to. If you were attached a project that had not had work for a bit and it just came back online, then there would be a resource debt owed to that project. The BOINC client would then run that project more heavily to make up for the resources owed in its absence. Give it time and it should level out again.
20) Questions and Answers : Android : Single Board Computers Performance (Message 3685)
Posted 10 Jan 2015 by Profile Coleslaw
And if you are in the states, you can find pretty decent deals on prepaid cell phones if you look around. I found Moto e and Optimus Fuels for $9.99 over the holiday specials. The Net10 version of the Optimums Fuel is still $19.99 at Walmart. Those are dual core and can just run off the wifi without activation. I don't have point specs here on them yet, but may be something to consider...

Never thought about that. I just looked and there are some amazing deals. The best i have found so far is:

LG Tribute for 39.99 on Amazon with a 1.2ghz quad core

You might want to consider these as well...!/LG-Motion-MS770-Grade-B-battery-no-back/p/44897344/category=0

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