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1) Message boards : Number crunching : WU runs, but elapsed time is very wrong (Message 132)
Posted 6 Aug 2012 by Profile yoyo_rkn
In my case the workunit restarted. In this case it restarted at the right point, but the elapsed time is running from the beginning.

Root cause:
In wrapper_checkpoint.txt the elapsed time isn't stored, only the task where the wrapper was before is stored:

39 0.000000


2) Questions and Answers : Wish list : Combine both forum parts (Message 131)
Posted 6 Aug 2012 by Profile yoyo_rkn
If I remember correctly there is a config in html/project/ to join both forums.

define("FORUM_QA_MERGED_MODE", false); // Set to true to merge Message boards and Q&A section

3) Message boards : Number crunching : Cross validation (Message 98)
Posted 5 Aug 2012 by Profile yoyo_rkn
2 things to consider for cross validation:
a) Linux, Mac, Windows have different end of line coding. So if your app creates ascii output they are not bit identical because of this. But your validator could handle this.
b) Different operating systems or CPU are using different precisions in there calculations. If you are running iterative floating point operations the result might differ because of this.
Also some libs create different formated output. I saw such differences: result a) 1.5E05, result b) 1.5E005, which is the same number but doesn't match each other. For this you can use the homogenous redundancy feature of Boinc, which sends results of a workunit always to the same type of computer.


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