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Proud member of SETI.Germany and SGaktiv! My hobbies are listening to music, reading books, riding my bike and supporting my favourite club VfB...


Spam prevention measures.
An extremely large number of spam users and teams were detected on the POGS forums recently. By extremely large, I mean more than 90% of the registered accounts and teams were spam.

Preventative measures have been put in place to increase the difficulty for spammers creating spam accounts and teams.

From now on, every profile modification requires a reCAPTCHA to be filled in (one of the simple ones that only requires you to tick a box :P) and the service is also being utilised to prevent the creation of spam accounts using known spam emails and IP addresses.

Additionally, a very large number of user accounts and teams are being deleted.

Accounts will be deleted if they:

    Have a profile containing a link and

    Have no forum posts and

    Have no registered hosts.

Teams are deleted if they:

    Have 0 or 1 members and

    Have 0 total credit and

    Are not BOINC-Wide teams and

    Have descriptions containing a link and

    The owner has no hosts and no posts.

Keep in mind, these are ANDs not ORs. Accounts and teams are only deleted if they fulfill ALL of the criteria listed above. 16 Nov 2016, 1:48:23 UTC · Comment

Do you have a Question for Steve Wozniak?
This is primarily for the people of Perth, but if you'd like me to ask Steve Wozniak a question - complete the survey - 10 Aug 2016, 0:34:14 UTC · Comment

How cool is this!!!
I’m excited to announce that I am hosting Think Inc.’s event An evening with Steve Wozniak Perth on 24th August. I’ll be talking to Woz about Apple, innovation, entrepreneurship, virtual reality and the amount of grunt needed from Astronomy. 5 Aug 2016, 6:39:32 UTC · Comment

Sorry for the radio quiet
Sorry for the quietness of late. I've been rather poorly.

But back on deck this week and we've got 64,000 new galaxies to process.
2 Aug 2016, 4:01:54 UTC · Comment

More Galaxies are on the way
More galaxies are on the way 9 May 2016, 0:47:51 UTC · Comment

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