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Last updated 24 Feb 2018, 13:20:23 UTC

PoHeDa ("Crunchen wir miteinander für einander und haben Spaß dabei, egal welches Team, Gruppe...")
patyczak ("")
przemek ("I'm member of Boinc@Poland Join us")
Plejaden ("Herzliche Güße ... An alle ...! Ich wurde 1972 in Österreich /Wien geboren bin...")
Plomos ("I'm a college student who is also a computer nerd. Love doing research for useful projects...")
Peter Hallgarten ("I am an amateur radio operator VK3AVE from from way back when (well 25+ years). I am...")
PavolR (""Dve veci ma naplnaju obdivom: mravny zakon v nas a hviezdne nebo nado mnou."...")
Pawn-D8-? ("Born 1951 jun 22 at N69°05'33"E16°47'27" My profession is mechanical...")
Pavel_Kirpichenko ("Сommunications engineer. Novosibirsk, Russia.")

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